Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Guess the Super Bowl Isn't That Lame

Let's keep one thing clear - I hate football. Of all the sports, it's right behind baseball and slightly ahead of team vacuuming. I cringe whenever it's on. Someone explain to me why 5 minutes left actually means at least triple that (I'm told it's comparable to me dropping by the mall to pick up a pair of jeans). It's also never just one game, which is long enough. A whole day is dedicated to it, as well as Monday nights. It infiltrates Thanksgiving, but that is forgiven because I usually pass out before I even glimpse at that stupid dancing robot.

The Super Bowl, for reasons unrelated to the game, is a blast. First, it marks the end of football. Hooray! Now Sundays are left to brunch and Nordstrom. The best reason is the party. Oh, the food, the drinks, the cool commercials! I don't even notice the game. Who can't have fun with barbecue, beer, and buffalo wings? Now if we can do something about getting rid of those previous games...