Monday, October 13, 2008

My Fellow Prisoners...

Our car was packed this past weekend and we took a little road trip to NorCal. (Stockton to be precise.) Woo hoo! While listening to my new favorite radio station, NPR, I was surprised to find out there are Republican leaning cities outside of OC. I learned that the cities of Riverside and Redding are actually Red. Both cities just so happen to have a large population of monster trucks and tractors. Coincidental? Then what would populate the Blue cities? Maybe hybrids and Vespas? Someone should do a poll so we can get to the bottom of this.

By the way who are these undecided voters out there? Polls show 8% haven't already made up their minds. What are they waiting for? An evite? Sarah Palin to come to your door bearing cookies? Well, surprise! That would just be the Avon lady. Oh, and that wasn't Obama knocking at your door either. Just another kid trying to sell you magazine subscriptions so he can go to college.

Really though. I imagine in the olden days, people had to wait for these candidates to come to their towns in order to see what they stood for. But now we have television, newspapers, the internets to inform us. All their platforms just a click away. Someone on the radio was saying that neither of the two spoke about the issues that concern her most. News flash, they probably can care less. They need to speak to the masses so the flight pattern of the Great Pumpkin just may not be addressed. These people are lame. I suggest they just don't vote since they obviously don't care enough to educate themselves. Either that or they're stupid. Stick to voting for the next American Idol. I probably can't trust them with that either. Just look at Taylor Hicks.