Monday, January 19, 2009

Go, Go Gaijin

Today was tourista day for us. Thanks to Didi's uncle, we hit up a bunch of the must see spots of Tokyo. We also got to see things that only the locals would venture. Here are some things we noticed from our day of touring:

1. There are no obese Japanese. All the guys wore the skinny suits and the girls wore saggy boots. I don't think them being thin is just about the seafood diet they have. There are advantages in not carrying excess weight which I will cover in the following observations.

2. You can never walk fast enough. These people walk fast and are always in a hurry. The funny thing is, they are polite about it. I never felt I was being rushed. Just remember stand to the left and they pass on the right. No one will get hurt.  

3. When using public transit, forget about personal space. These trains get crowded. They are packed like any dance floor you've ever been on. There are two reasons that makes this bearable. Japanese people refrain from talking on their cells in public and all their asses take up just a single seat.

4. There are no garbage cans. This might be because they don't eat and drink on the run. Yes, they are always in a rush, but they consume whatever they need to in appropriate areas. Thus, no trash to throw away in the street. Only foreigners eat and walk. If you have something to toss, you just gotta hold onto it until you get home.

5. They miniaturize everything, but their cell phones. Here, they have small cars, small drinks, and whatever it is they can make smaller, they will. Except their phones. Their phones are huge. I'm guessing they can do a whole bunch of stuff on them, but I doubt they can fit them into their tight little jeans. That goes for the guys as well.

6. They are very well aware of our 44th president. He might have won a little over half of our votes, but it's a landslide outside of the US.

Tomorrow we hit up the largest fish market in the world and the spot where Gwen Stefani captures her dance crew. Sayonara.


~ Bud Select said...

arrigato goizaimasu!

angela said...

about #3. One other reason Japanese public transit is bearable is that people usually don't smell. I don't even want to think about being in a crowded train in LA. Yuck!

Have lots of good sushi at the fish market (I avoided tourist filled sushi bars with 45 min. wait and went for the smaller one with older Japanese customers. I was very happy with my choice).

Za, madae!