Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Decision '08: the fried chicken debate

Obama? Clinton? Giuliani? Who cares! (Actually, I do care. I am a very responsible voter when it comes time to electing my favorite non-Bush, but at this moment I have more important things to ponder.) I need to make one of life's important decisions. Which is... I need to decide on which is my FAVORITE fried chicken? Could it be fresh faced Kyochon with their whole chicken cut into unrecognizable bits? Or the ever tasty, reigning champ Furaibo chicken with their, oh so good with Kirin, wings? It's like one's children. They have different qualities that make them unique and you love them both, but deep down inside you know one child is better than the other. For my own peace and sanity (and yours too if you had the least bit of respect for chickens) I need to crown one as my favorite... child.

I just recently discovered Kyochon fried chicken. It is located in L.A.'s Koreatown. The place is eerily sterile, hospitalish if you will. The waitresses (like my Japanese hairdresser, Molly, speak very little English) explain that for the price of a large basket of fried chicken, you can opt for 2 flavors: traditional and spicy. Naturally, I had to try both so we ordered the large basket of chicken. I took one bite of the chicken and I felt guilty... it was so delicious that in my food induced delirium, I bumped Furaibo to my number 2 spot. No trial, just straight to the verdict. Why did I feel so guilty? Was it how easily I dismissed Sawtelle's (the younger crowd's J-town if ya'll don't know) Furaibo to second status? It was like Furaibo was Aniston to Kyochon's Jolie. I tried to tell myself that Kyochon is Korean and Furaibo is Japanese and they can both share the #1 one spot on my MySpace of cuisine. Alas, everyone knows that spot is definitive - there are no ties. I need to declare a winner. But not here, this is a decision that goes beyond "which one of these candidates is not a Bush?"




So tell me, where do you get your fried chicken fix? Where is your personal fave? And don't tell me your mama's chicken because I've tried it and it ain't the best.


DiDi said...

i am ashamed of u!!!! FURAIBO!!! u're so fired!

amercad2 said...

sir pizza and chicken in temple city has some bomb broasted chicken. my brother used to work there in high school and bring it home all the time. heaven!!

Elaine said...

Showing some love for Kyochon. KP YOU KNOW!