Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why Everyone Should Read My Blog

The title is not complete. It should be Why Everyone Should Read My Blog and Why I Like Reading Other People's Blogs, but that would be too long wouldn't it? Abbreviated title aside, there are several reasons why I started blogging and none of them rests with me overtaking TMZ in popularity.

Sometimes my usually uneventful life is interrupted with events. Blogging allows me to accomplish two things. The first is it allows me to consolidate my thoughts on what I went through. It sorta acts like a diary, but way less private (thank goodness I'm not a squealing 12 year old girl). The second is it replaces the three way call (extinct) and meeting friends for lunch (only happens in The Hills or to the unemployed). If I think something is cool, I'd like to share with all my friends (you three are great!) Hopefully what I write is somewhat entertaining.

I find myself working more than ever. At the same time, we're all connected like never before in our lives. While sitting at my desk, I can be reached by phone, email, text message, instant message, and even carrier pigeon. All great, but not conducive to productivity, thus frowned upon by the man (I've seen the man, and boy does he frown - grrrr). I have limited time but all these means to keep in contact with friends. Well, until after work (sometimes too late) or the weekend, I like to keep connected by reading blogs. It feels like a conversation, like I'm listening to your stories. And it's all interesting to me because it's like a shared diary. Great thing is that it takes a whopping 2 minutes to read. Doesn't replace lunch at Urth, but until we both get laid off, this is how we roll.

So while I still have a spare 5 minutes, I'll keep on reading and I'll keep writing. Life would be cool if we can all meet for coffee a la Carrie Bradshaw and friends (I call I'm Charlotte!), but until then, this is the new party line. But if I can get my own show by dishing on all things Britney, I'm in.


DiDi said...

your blog puts mine to shame..thanx alot!

~ Bud Select said...

you've convinced me. i shall now only consort with your blog.

Dear cynthia's blog, what are we getting for lunch today??


corser said...

you have a surprisingly good grasp of the English language. i see you've been studying hard like a good asian child should.

god smiles upon you.