Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everyone Hates the City I Live In

For some reason, people that don't live in Los Angeles (or have ever lived here) really hate Los Angeles. These people always love to profess their hate for this city. Now, I'm not a native and certainly don't drink the Kool-Aid (I don't lease a car outside my means, nor do I have an agent) but I fail to see how this place is much worse than other cities. Also, it's not like San Francisco or New York where the city borders are clear. L.A. could mean Silver Lake, Malibu, WeHo, or even West Covina. Those places couldn't be more diff'rent. I think there's a neighborhood for everyone here, even Armenians. It might be more due to misunderstanding. After BH 90210, The Hills, and Disneyland (with those lame Angels trying to claim L.A.), this city isn't portrayed in the best light. Let's try to dispel the top three myths. (Or at least the ones I hear most often.)

Everyone is fake. I hear this one the most. Dude, this one is also the most stupid(est). What a lame blanket statement. Take Survivor or Big Brother. Those shows reward lying two-faced, double-crossing people with cash money. How many of those winners hail from Los Angeles? I don't remember if there was any. Shouldn't L.A. have a stranglehold on that market? It doesn't. So there, we can put "L.A. is fake" to rest. The fact that those shows' winners choose to live here afterward doesn't count. They were created somewhere else. Idaho perhaps.

You gotta drive too far whenever you wanna go somewhere. Sure, everything is at least 2o minutes away, even my parking garage. But that's because L.A. is so big. The trade-off is we don't have to squeeze a zillion people within 5 square miles. You know what that means? People have yards! That's cool! Single family homes exist. No one is forced to live on floor 68 in some enormous high rise. There are also parks. Not just 1 big ass park, but also a bunch of little ones in a buncha' neighborhoods. Now who doesn't like that?

The restaurants in L.A. suck. C'mon, I know what you guys eat. It ain't 3-star Michelin every night. Our In-N-Out and Pho 99 is just as good as anyone else's. The fact that there is even a Michelin guide for L.A. means something. Fresno doesn't have one but no one gets pissy about that. This is just a lazy argument anyway. Maybe they went to the Cheesecake Factory and the portions weren't as big as their hometown's Cheesecake Factory. Boo-effing-hoo. I love eating and there are plenty of places to quench the appetite.

I'm sure there are many more things to whine about and they are probably true. Just don't mention these top three. That would just be shallow.