Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now You Make Me Wait 'Till Fall?

With the invention of the DVR, I can now watch more shows than I should. I have about 5 must see shows, and some other ones that I'll watch if I have nothing else. Maybe I'll add a new show each season and drop a couple because, even with DVR, there are other things to do. But before next season even starts, I've already filled my new show quota - enter Glee.

I like Idol, so I guess I like singing. (Actually, I like watching people sing.) I also like high school shows. Glee has both! It's like High School Musical, but not so teeny. That's not to say I didn't like HSM - I actually really liked it. That's exactly why I love this new show. Sure it has all the cliches, like the jock wanting to sing and the girl falling for the jock, but something about this show makes me happy, or should I say...glee-ful. I watched the pilot episode twice and picked up new things each time.

I really hope the rest of the show is as good as the first. It just sucks that we won't find out for a few months. Till then, I won't stop believin'.