Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Stupidest Thing Ever Invented

I hate marathons. I don't get why we have them. So we shower some lucky Kenyan (What? It's true.) gobs of cash and put the rest of the city in traffic hell. So why annoy the rest of the population while rewarding so few? I have no idea why. It causes crazy gridlock. Maybe all big cities need marathons to prove their big cityness, but no other gets crippled the way LA does when traffic is slowed. It's like a Laker parade, but citywide. It took me an hour fifteen to make a usual 15 minute trip. Let's move that marathon to Covina, don't they root for the Lakers too?


anita said...

LOL, no Covina is too close to my mom's move it to the 909, no one cares about the 909!

Jon A said...

Why don't we let them run around Dodger stadium for 5 hours. They can wear Giants caps to make it exciting.

~ Bud Select said...

covina hater...the marathon should be in bakersfield