Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop the madness - Wear a polo shirt

Dear Lakers fans, 

Please refrain from setting my car on fire. I know Kobe and Gasol just won the NBA Finals, but I really don't see why that necessitates random acts of vandalism. If you think about it, what do you actually win? Are you expecting a Lakers check in the mail for all your efforts? I'm guessing no.

Another thing I can look forward to now that the Finals has all ended is that grown men can put those jerseys back in the closet. I really think that unless you actually play basketball in some sort of organized way or your dad bought it for you to wear to the game, you should not be wearing those. That applies doubly if you want to wear it without a shirt underneath.

Second item I'd like to banish for the summer are those flags that adorn all those SUVs and Chevys lately. I haven't seen so many of those things since... I don't remember. They're quite goofy. Please stop.

One last thing - what's up with this?

Hide your children.