Sunday, June 28, 2009

They Really Exist!

I hear clicking sounds outside so I step out to the balcony to see what's the ruckus, and lo and behold... I see LARPers! I never thought they existed outside of stories and lore. This was so exciting for me, like I just saw a leprechaun. I run to grab the camera and try to zoom in as far as I can. I manage to snap off about four shots until one of them turns around and sees me. Must be one of their special powers - extra-sensitive hearing. I quickly duck down. Will they cast a spell upon my home and people? Should I grab one of them and force them to take me to their treasure? I decide just to lay low and hope I don't grow branches.

I upload the pics and realize that I recognize one of them. It's my lumberjack neighbor across the hall. (Probably not a lumberjack, but looks like what I imagine one would look like.) We always joked that they looked like people that play Dungeons & Dragons and go to conventions. They have a baby too. I think we can rule out professional athlete or being cool from the kid's future. Unless Tiger Woods is a closet larper, then I'll stand corrected.


Quendidi said...

i can't believe this...and yet i can.