Monday, August 3, 2009

Please Do Not Fire Upon Me While I Shop

I was leaving South Coast Plaza through Nordstrom on a Saturday afternoon. I pass by the shoe section and try not to pay attention to all the high heeled goodness on sale. As we're breezing through the crowd of people coming in, a young boy catches my eye. He's no more than 8 years old and kinda chubby. He looks at me, raises a make believe machine gun and begins to make shooting noises. Double you tea eff! I stared back in shock. What do you do when you get pretend gunned down by a fat little snot? I look at the mom and she says nothing. If it were my kid, I'd tell him, "You are not to do that to anybody here. Wait till we get to Sears." I fear for our future.


DiDi said...

or JCPenny. lol

TrinaD said...

Just lob your invisible grenade at 'im.

Marco heart Tammy said...

should've screamed at him in your friendly cantonese language.