Monday, December 17, 2007

People Are Mean During the Holidays

When I say "Holidays", I really mean Christmas. Let's be honest, the only reason we're all enjoying all these 30% off sales is because some wise men brought the baby Jesus some smelly oils. Nordstrom isn't making money off Kwanzaa gifts now are they? I didn't grow up Christian but I'll gladly carry around bags that say "Merry Christmas" if that means my Gucci is on sale.

With that aside, aren't people quite testy around this time of year? You know, the time of holiday cheer and goodwill towards men. Nope, this is the time of year where people aim their SUVs around the parking lot with impunity. This is where you battle the lady armed with a stroller for the last Black Friday $300 notebook. Folks will rip out your throat if that means they get that perfect gift for that special someone to say "I care".

I know parking is tight and the malls are crowded, but everyone relax. People talk about doing their Christmas shopping as if surprise taxes were due in December. Okay, sometimes I buy some gifts not to express my appreciation but simply to reciprocate. It shouldn't be that way though. Shopping should be exciting because whatever you got that person was something only you would know to get them. That means no gift cards, kids (unless they're in high school because god knows what kids like nowadays). And say you don't receive that perfect gift or don't even get a gift back? Big deal, all that stuff goes on clearance after Christmas anyway so you can buy it yourself. And you get the points.


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i am a fan of your blog and this could not have been more true. keep up the good work.

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People should read this.