Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I May, a Sample of Your Hair Please

I am a doll maker. Which means I created my own doll - from scratch. I got fabric, thread, and some plastic bits and put together a little plush thing. I started this right after I saw Coraline, but that wasn't my inspiration. My dolls aren't meant for evil.

I actually don't know what inspired me to do this. It's not easy. It actually took me more than four hours to finish one. I don't even have a sewing machine so it was done cavemen style. I was killing time at Barnes & Noble because we got a really good parking space on Colorado Avenue in Pasadena so there is no way I was going to leave before my meter runs out. (I was on a Paper Source run.) So I was looking at the Arts and Crafts section and happened to come across this cute doll book. I bought the book and headed off to JoAnns and Michaels for supplies. 

I started right when I got home. It was way more difficult that I planned for. I wasn't able to prepare dinner and had to make a run to Tito's Tacos. (Who doesn't like Tito's?) Anyway, it was way past dinner when I finished here. I'll soon make her companion. There's somebody for everyone - even dolls with patterned complexions.