Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Results Are In...

For almost 3 hours each week, American Idol holds my attention hostage. It's not exactly the music since music isn't really all that important in my life. I never even bought any of the past Idols' records (I've downloaded a couple iTunes singles though). The reason I watch is the race; the human drama. It's my version of sports.

Well, they decided to tinker a bit with the formula that has seen them through 7 years. There was no way I was going to miss a second, but maybe it was getting a little stale. I think we've watched enough to create solid opinions on these changes.

The long staircase which allows Seacrest to walk the goofy mile needs to go. I personally wouldn't travel those steps without a rail and Ryan does it without even looking down (mad skills), but this is totally unnecessary. At the end of the show, some contestants don't even get their due critiques because time runs out. Let's free up some of that time by squashing the Seacrest walk.

The judge's wildcard gave us Anoop and Matt. Solid performers. It also gave us duds like Megan Whatever and Jasmine. So that would lead us to believe that the wildcard is a toss up. Not so. Who else would fill those spots? Braddy Bunch? Shouting Von Smith? There may never be a wildcard like Aiken, but the voting public doesn't fair much better in their choices. Take a look at how far adult contemporary Scott MacIntyre has lasted.

It's lame how the judges pretend to deliberate whether they are going to save the contestant when we all know they don't have a chance in hell. I still think it's a good twist, but cruel. However, now it's clear why we have the judge's save - to save Allison's butt when America decides to yank her. You know it's gonna happen. The girl is no stranger to those cold silver stools of doom. Why America, why?

The biggest change is the new judge - Kara. I don't really know how I feel about this. She definitely is pretty. She has the talent (though I think she shows it off too much). Her comments are the second most coherent, though it's not too hard to top Miss Seal Clap and the Dawg. Just something about her annoys me a teeny bit. It also changes the dynamic. They are now rotating who speaks first instead of always ending with Simon; the opinion with the most impact and the most anticipated. Also, with four judges, they all need to keep their critiques brief and that's exactly what they are not doing. I'm looking at you Paula. Getting rid of the Ryan walk can only save so much time.

There are other changes like the Idols living together, lip syncing the group performance, and Randy ceasing the booing at Cowell's intro. Those don't have as much impact. Whatever the changes and additions, I'm just happy that the Gokey march to the finals isn't so certain anymore. Adam is super talented but super annoying .... so I reluctantly say.... Adam and Allison 2009!


TrinaD said...

holyshit Cynthia, it's like you're writing this post from the INSIDE OF MY HEAD! everything you said here is spot on and anyone who disagrees deserves to be smothered in Cowell's moobs while being serenaded by Glambert's screeching.