Monday, May 18, 2009

The Incubating Escrow

7 months. That's how long until the last nail is nailed in our new home. As of now, I think it's currently a slab of concrete and a glimmer in the contractor's eyes. That's quite a long time to wait and many things can go wrong by then. Financing can be an issue, one of us can get canned, vandals might steal the slab of concrete that is to be our house... so much uncertainty here.

Let's just forget all that and assume the best. It's a big move for us not because of the investment we'll put into it, it's big because Eagle Rock is a whole new world. For the past decade, all we've known was the Westside and it's cool ocean breezes. Eagle Rock is more East than we usually venture and about 10 degrees hotter. For those that aren't familiar with this mosh pit of a city we call Los Angeles; neighborhoods can be drastically different from each other. While the Westside is full of working professionals, Eagle Rock is mostly working class. Like Silverlake and Los Feliz, it's also growing in it's creative class (people that own macs). Although people like Flea and Madonna have lived in such areas with no problem, we're pretty much like the yups that stay near the water.

It's not that I think we're those kind of stiffs, but our business cards don't really help us. Being drawn to such neighborhoods is a quality all in it's own. (We also like the home being "green" since I can't justify getting a Prius). ER is not the Los Angeles of The Hills. It's not for most people. Hopefully it is for us. We love it's diversity and it's unpretentious energy. We like it's lack of strip malls and TGI Fridays. So I guess the beach will be 20 minutes (or 90 minutes depending on traffic) further, but I think we'll cope.